Soundtrack Albums

Look at the music, Listen to the imagery and Experience the Journey


The Way WEst

There is always the land. And from the land music arises.  You see the land with your eyes, but you hear it too, in the wind, the distant cry of a hawk and a rhythm that rises up from the road as you head West. Drawn by the open spaces or driven out of the cities by the noise, one can't help but feel joy in leaving behind the the incessant growl of traffic and  drone of the air-handlers that move the stale city air above the fray. The music that I composed for The Way West is for listening with you eyes and your ears. It is for open spaces and open minds.  Enjoy!


Chesapeake Visions

Chesapeake Visions offers a visual-musical meditation on the Bay, giving viewers a new look at this unique landscape. It celebrates the beauty of seasonal change around America's largest estuary, offering a quiet reverie on the Bay’s wildlife, nature and scenery. Vintage tall ships glide across the Bay, oystermen and crabbers harvest its bounty, green forests turn to gold and geese carve a silhouette against an autumn sky. Experience being on the largest estuary in the United States.

inside Passage Cover.jpg

Inside Passage

This is a musical journey along the Inside Passage of America's Northwest Coast. This passage, nearly 1200 miles in length, begins among the low-slung islands of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands near Seattle and winds its way northward to Glacier Bay, Alaska. The adventure  inspired Richard Olsenius to create a soundtrack for one of the last wild places left on this North American landscape.