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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why are MusicYouSee Journeys designed for 4k, Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV’s?

A: Most new large-screen TV’s are 4k or  Ultra HD which means their resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) is four times the (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) amount found in an HD TV. Those extra pixels allow you to see more detail, texture and color fidelity in a video, providing a never-before level of visual quality for television.

All of our USB keys have either HD or 4k programs recorded in this new h.265 format so they will only play on sets with these specifications. That is why we say that TV models 2014 or newer  that have h.265 playback specifications and a USB port will be able to play MYS Journeys.



Q: Do I really need the USB extension?

A:  No you don’t but it does eliminate the inconvenience of reaching around to the back or side of your TV to plug in the USB key. The 3 or 6-foot cable adds a handy extension to easily connect our USB key or any other device that uses a USB connector to your TV. In addition, this cable also accepts  USB media adaptors for your digital camera cards or other devices with your photos and videos on them.

Playing Problems

Q. What do I do if MusicYouSee programs do not play on my TV?

A: First, make sure you are inserting the USB in the proper slot and make sure the TV’s video app is running. New 4K sets have a video app that will sense when it has a USB device plugged into it. You may need to get comfortable with how your particular TV handles video from an external USB key.

If, however, you cannot get our programs to work on your TV, email us with your invoice number and once you have returned either the Blu-ray disc or USB key to us, we will promptly refund your money.



Q. Can I play MusicYouSee(MYS) Journeys on my computer?

A: Any computer of recent vintage with an up-to-date operating system can play MYS Journeys using the USB version. If you run into any difficulties, it could be that the computer is not fast enough or its operating system is not updated to play the most recent HEVC, mp4 format. (HEVC stands for High Efficiency Video Coding or h.265)




Q. Will MusicYouSee Journeys play on my Blu-Ray player?

A: Yes. Using a process called “up-scaling”, the HD video resizes our Blu-ray programs to 4k screen dimensions. So our Journeys will look great on either HD or 4k TV’s using your Blu-ray player. One exception is if you have an early model Blu-ray player that may be unable to read these new formats.


Q.  Can I play MusicYouSee(MYS) Journeys on my tablet or mobile phone? 

A: Tablet and mobile phone users can only access Journey videos online at